The Tomato’s Popularity As #1 Fall Vegetables

“Tomato, Tomah toh yah” (ouch! translates into English as “bitter water buffalo”). No matter where you are in the world, in most cultures, tomatoes are a summertime favorite. They can be seen zipping around with the colorful locals during the hot summer months, or you can find them at your local farmer’s market purchasing “bob zucchini” (ugh!) and “step zucchini” (ugh, again). But oh, no – not many people realize that the tomato is a largely unknown, flavorful and healthy food.

Chefs all over the world take great pride in the Guacamole, the salsa and the other great sauce products, but most of the tomatoes sold in the supermarkets are the run of the mill standard cherry tomatoes. They are picked green and literally left to ripen on the vine. These tasteless tomatoes are sold everywhere from your local grocery store, to your local farmer’s market and back to your local supermarket. But why? Well, because of their creamy white color and their mild flavor which would be dysfunctional in other foods, most people feel confident serving them without a problem. But then they die. Actually, in some instances they are allowed to ripen further, but once they reach the supermarket that’s where the trouble starts. For one thing the tomatoes are picked as soon as they ripen so that they can be picked green. But that doesn’t take care of them. Look at the back of the tomato. It has a scar on it known as a hababura, this scar means these tomatoes were picked too early.

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So the biggest mistake you can make is to select a tomato which has been picked green. But there is a way to tell if your tomato has been picked green and have not been heated yet. You can look at the bottom of the tomato and if it is slightly yellow (not red) and the stem is firm. This is a sign that the tomato has not been heated and should be kept. If the bottom of the tomato is turning red, it is a sign that it is ripe and should be eaten. But by far the biggest mistake you can make is to select a tomato which has been picked yellow.

This leads us to the bestotes or root endosperms of the tomato. The bestote is the plant’s own reproductive structure. The male tomato (the banana type) has a specialized thick wall built up around the pepperidium. This wall protects it from disease. The bestote wall is very thick and walled with oleuropein, a naturally occurring pigment. This makes the tomato resistant to disease and adds to its shelf life.

TheAffix Burmese Cuisinewhere the tomato is the main staple food

Burma can be a bit tricky to trace, in a food guide or on the Internet, the best locators to find the bestburmese cuisines using tomatoes. If you like the soups, stews and curries of the Burmese people, the best choice is to locate a local supplier of eggs and Central Asian meats. This is because the Burmese people are not only famed for their eggs and meats, they also use several types of vegetables in their cooking. They have been influenced by the Portuguese as also other Asian countries. In addition to the egg and meat, Burmese foods use coconut and palm sugar for making many of their Burmese foods.

Theca patanois a general store which can be found in most cities of India as well as in Singapore. They stock not only fish and meat but also sell spices and vegetables as well. This is widely known as being one of the best sources of organic and seasonal produce. ThebaokeShop(west of London) which was founded in 2004 can also stock a wide range of seasonal fruits and vegetables as well and also offer a specialised Burmese market.

TheHainanese is a relatively small tribe of approximately 20,000 people and they live in northeast Thailand. They are descendants of the Malays who were taken to Singapore by the Portuguese and set up shop in the suburb of Batong. They originally grew rice but switched to rice production when the government offered them financial support in return for their goods.

Thehao lienis a famous phosphate producing oyster farm which is situated inStraffordcarryout rice fields.

Anotherushi in Singapore is theChu Lian from outlet 4 of the well-known Tesco-themestore in Singapore. It is a cheap and well-preferred means of consuming good quality sushi.

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