Ways To Motivate Picky Eaters To Consume Much More Veggies

Regrettably for parents, quite a few young children are very picky eaters when it comes to consuming fresh vegetables. This may make dinner time a big challenge and a stress filled time. It’s critical for children to consume a nourishing and balanced diet that includes a variety of fresh vegetables, to make sure they will get the necessary minerals and vitamins and nutrients to develop strong and healthy. These easy ideas will encourage children to eat far more veggies compared to what they presently are, and in turn will make them grow up to be healthier people as adults.

• Try “hiding” the veggies inside the meal. Slice the vegetables in tiny pieces and hide them under the meat/pasta/rice etc. Assist your child to get a spoonful of the meal (including a piece of veg) on his or her fork while distracting them with a story or possibly a book or a question (or perhaps TV and they will not notice). You will appear to be so busy focusing on the task at hand that you will not see the hidden veg and probably won’t taste it when you do eat the meal.

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• Another strategy is to prepare recipes where the vegetables are “hidden” or not readily seen. You may want to crop up the vegetables to make them obvious, or you could keep the head low to the side or even put a different type of vegetable alongside the beans, so that your child may not even know that there is something different about the meal. Try a different type of veggie for your child’s lunch box.

• You could encourage your child to help in the kitchen. Most children love to help out in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to making desserts. If you could arrange for them to bake a certain dessert that normally gets eaten by the dessert, such as a fruit or pudding, then you will have child’s Indulgence pushed aside.

• You could also arrange for your child to visit a “sugar house” once a week. A “sugar house” is a type of house that has been designed to encourage your child to consume less of a specific sweet food and more of another, more healthy one. As an example, you could place fresh meals in front of your child so that he or she can see how the foods are prepared.

Ideas for cooking with fresh vegetables:

• Fresh vegetable dishes are very healthy. They are easy to prepare, many of which are quick and easy to cook.

• You can add dips, sauces and spices to your dishes to make them delicious.

• If you are a fan of vegetables, you could try some new recipes and make new vegetable dishes for everyone to enjoy.

• You can use freshly cut fruits and vegetables to make salads. A hearty salad is a great option for a quick meal that everyone will enjoy.

• You could also make some curried vegetables and meatballs. Such dishes are delicious and pack a lot of nutrition.

• You could add fried vegetables, such as experiment with different types of fish and other seafood.

• The ability to use vegetables to make many other dishes is one of the many great options to consider.

• You could even use the vegetables for dipping and other foods, as suggested by many individuals. For instance, you could cut your child a turkey sandwich and then place inside the sandwich various types of vegetables, such as the lettuce, tomato, green pepper, sprouts, and so on. Then add a type of fat free sour cream and then coat the whole sandwich with the cream cheese.

• Alternatively, you could cut your child a portion of pizza and then grill the vegetables and add a typically lower fat content cheese, which will make the vegetable a burger.

• Another idea is to create unique sandwiches that have ingredients that are different to your child’s taste. For instance, you could make the sandwich with peanut butter and salmon. Or you could get a portion of lasagna and then add your child’s favorite vegetables, with ricotta cheese, to it. In the past, meals like these would consist of the vegetable or meat platter, but you can usually make the vegetables and meat a la carte, which is a healthy way to eat. You’ll also find that it is a great way to learn how to cook new dishes and create new dishes.

These methods allow both you and your child to enjoy the leftovers in the morning, without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or cleaning up the kitchen.

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