Fenugreek: A Health Supporting Herb

Fenugreek is one of the members of the family Fabaceae. It is commonly used as a herb as well as a spice. Major fenugreek producing countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Argentina, Egypt, France, Spain, Turkey, Morocco and China. India produces largest proportion of fenugreek all over the world with Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Haryana and Punjab are the major contributing states. Rajasthan produces about 80% of the overall fenugreek produced in the country. Qasoori Methi which is most popular for its appetizing fragrance comes from Pakistan. It is most frequently used by the lactating women in order to increase the milk supply. It is also an important component of many mouthwatering delicacies.

The cuboid, yellow to light brown stigweed grows throughout the length of the plant. Its edible parts are gathered and taken in a dish with a curry. The plant has a very bitter taste and is therefore grown and cultivated in places seldom if ever used for food. The plants are often found in urban gardens in India. The seeds are used as a sprout which is quickly grown into a full-sized plant. India is the largest producer of beet, 60% of the total beets produced being in India. It is also the largest producer of onions, and so its bulb is also its most nutritious and most flavorful.

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The cuboid, yellow to light brown stigweed actually has a very hard, earthy texture. It has a mild flavor that is both refreshing and slightly woody. The freshness of the stigweed gives it a wonderful aroma. Like most other herbs it is widely used in both the herb and vegetable cabinets of the market. It is also grown as a salad vegetable.

The Chinese symbol for immortality is the stig. Hence, people believe that a stig at the time of its death will remain eternally young.

The domestication of the rosemary has been questionable, and it is still treated with suspicion. It is often considered that its odor is the smell of death.

Rosemary has a long history of use in Europe. Due to its medicinal qualities, it was widely used by ancient nations. Ginger was also considered a ‘herbal doctor’.

Fennel is considered to be a spice frequently used in Asian cuisines. It is widely used in Germany and Austria as well as in India. It is used to flavor rice and other food items in India as well as in North Africa. It is also a popular ingredient in marinades.

Cloves are specifically known to have originated in Indonesia and are part of the family of pepper corns. They have a unique earthy flavor. Cloves are strong and bitter. They are commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine as well as other oriental medicine to treat pain, inflammation and other common ailments.

Cardamom is considered to be one of the most prominent spices in the world. It is native to India and is widely used iniodonut and other curry spices. Like cloves, it too has a history of use by communities in the Arabian, Ethiopian and Bengali regions. Cardamom is said to possess a ‘world’ effect and can be used in food for both sweet and savory purposes. It is often used in savory dishes in the form of curries.

Nutmegis also of the cinnamon family and is truly a true multi-cultural spice. It is commonly found in most Asian cuisines. This spice can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Like many of the other spices it is well known for its relaxing and relaxing property. It is almost use in all Asian cuisines. The peppercorn comes in both small stig in the form of whole ground meat and quills.

Not only are peppercorns one of the most used spices in Asia, they are also widely used in the Africa. This is because the African populations enjoy the whole-pepper effect and are well known for enjoying it. African populations are known for enjoying not only African tea and coffee, but also bread, millet and sorghum ground and cooked in various ways.

Prices of Peppercorns will vary according to quality, geographic region and rootstock. Those that are not particularly sweet and have a grassy flavour usually go for a much cheaper price. However, as they become more and more sweeter, their price will go up. Indonesians and Thais are known for their ability to appreciate and savor good quality peppercorns and use them in both sweet and savory dishes.

It is a well known fact that the carrying trade and marine environments where pepper originated from have been heavily modified over the last few decades.

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