Are Vegetarians Healthy?

Why are you hesitating to be a vegetarian? Do you think vegetarians are not healthy? Well, vegetarians are really healthy due to following reasons:

1. Humans are designed to eat foods from plant sources. Our teeth are very similar to herbivore animals like cow and goat. Our digestive system are also designed to digest plant products. We all know the fact that cow and goat do not eat meat.

green round fruit on tree

The huge wheels of nature are also very suited to accommodate vegetable growth. The ground consists of great drainage areas and depressions are placed under the influence of mountain springs. The snow and ice melts very fast during summer months, when food resources are abundant, and every living thing in the forest eats only plant products.

The rivers result to the melting of more water than the oceans. The rivers carry the fresh water to all parts of the country when snow and ice melts.

Oba – This is the original seed of beans and is cultivated by most of the Asian countries and several African countries.

Root vegetables – A large number of root vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins and sweet potatoes originated from the Americas as well as Africa.

Fruit – Many kinds of fruit are indigenous to particular countries. apple is a great example of native fruit. Many kinds of trees are also cultivated for their fruit.

Nowadays, the varieties of food grown and discussed above are in the bleak ratio of 1 to 10.

1. Cabbage – 80% of this Veggie is based upon its appearance.

2. Broccoli – This vegetable is also the flower of the plant. It is originally from the plant called brassica. Broccoli is the source of many types of antioxidants.

3. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are made up of over 55% water. They are an important source of lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that belongs to the vitamin – A family.

4. Olive Oil – Half of the fats in olives are Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are very important to everyone’s health.

5. Fish and seafood – These are high in protein and low in fat. Top fish is salmon, flounder and mackerel.

6. Green Tea – Another powerful natural healing tea. It’s amazing how something so small can be a health drink for the whole family.

7. Black Tea – This tea contains strong antioxidants, which is great for cardiovascular health. These effects are enhanced when taken with apples, carrots and spinach.

8. Watercress mash – It’s a perfect treat for breakfast. The cream and mash topped with the green tops of the plants are self raising.

9. Whatever grain you choose, you can’t go wrong with it. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

10. Hazelnuts – These incredible nuts are good to eat or to use in cooking. They are often used in Cakes, Cookies and Custards.

Above all, just remember that all food starts with the trust and belief of the consumer. Nothing is more important than that.



Here is a list of cooking terms. Again, if you are an old hand at cooking, you might want to start over.

1. Save time by reducing the need for a microwave.

2. Combine food and flavor by stirring prior to cooking.

3. You can make a dish the same way as it is in a restaurant.

4. Use a real kitchen, with all the real ingredients.

5. Listen to your inner voice about food.

6. Eat more colors, tastes and textures.

7. Growing your own food is one of the best ways to inspire your child’s growth.

8. teach childrenalkaiccookingwith ease. At least, try it with you.

How to inspire your child’s growth with food

Childhood is an exciting time.It’s the first time most children grab a toy or book, and suddenly begin to play with it, tell stories or make up games.

However, for the child who doesn’t speak a word, is eager to please his or her parents, and doesn’t seem to fit in, at least until the moment he or she tries to impress the cool kids, it’s hard to really appreciate the experience.

That’s why you’ll find amazingcakedecorating recipes here. We know that children’s tastes change, and that’s the best way to please them.

The best part of cooking for kids is the feedback. Eat it and love it!

Children’s cooking and growing up fondly remember the stories and movies, like. “gary the maid”, “ja the cleaner”, ” measurements”, “look at me”, “busted”, “pizza guy”. They also remember the taste of the food, and usually have a special liking for childhood favorites, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

two yellow pineapples