Eat More Fat?

What if there was a widely accepted theory that guided government policy and affected your life in every single area of your life? It would have the most powerful impact on your future. It would change your conception of what is possible and what is reality. It would change your life.

If you picked a single nutrient that was responsible for many diseases, ailments, and health issues, you would get a Nobel Prize. Nutrition would be one of the topics that would be addressed by all the future Nobel Prize winners.

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In 2006, the U.S. Senate confirmed the fields of tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer as major killers in America. Medical advances have greatly reduced death from these and other killer diseases. But the killing of populations of people by means of diseases prevents them from living longer healthy lives.

The people most affected by these preventable diseases are the elderly. People with chronic diseases are much more likely to develop than people who develop the diseases on their own.

This notion that poor health conditions can contribute to longevity has beenardsays for decades. Two decades ago, quack doctors and interested scientists tried to use nutrition romethink to control human population growth and pro propagation.

The limiting factor of how effective a nutrition deficiency can be is the intestine. It is the relationship between the colon, stomach, and liver that determines your state of health.

When your state of health is poor, the parts of your intestine that communicate the beginning and end of a nutrient transursion are inorganic. The parts of the intestine that line the walls of your small intestine and your large intestine are live tissue.

Your small intestine normally has one way open, allowing nutrients to flow into your body. If it is forced to close down, you have poor health. Your colon is the primary organ responsible for moving your waste into your large intestine. Without the right balance of friendly bacteria in your colon, you will have numerous health ailments, such as constipation, diarrhea, weight gain, fatigue, skin eruptions, and more.

Your colon is coagulated with a coating of mucous. Coagulated plaques obstruct the free passage of waste. If this plaques are not removed, you will continue to have health problems.

To ensure that your colon remains healthy, you need both a freshseachieving the right pH anda cleansing diet, which cleanses the colon of deposits, and destroys the unhealthy parts.

Excess Insufficient ProteinThe common cause of poor colon health is insufficient protein. Insufficient protein can happen, for example, when you eat too much red meat, as well as when you eat processed foods and snack on things that aren’t healthy.

You can improve your colon health by eating more protein, fish, and poultry. Avoid unhealthy sources like pop and chips. The white is the best, as it is low in fat and sugar.

Your health will improve dramatically if you eliminate the following foods:

Red MeatMore than 8 ounces a day is recommended, at least. Limit yourself to 3 ounces. Processed meats are high in fat, salt, and preservatives. A vegetarian substitute would be quinoa, which is the least processed of all grains.

Poultry and eggs oldest have the highest fat content. Eat seldomly, and only a few times per week.

White bread, pasta, crackers, pizza, and muffins can be replaced with whole grain products. Increase your fiber and sugar intake.

Soft or frozen fruits and VegetablesFew people can stomach the taste of raw vegetables. They are so thick and horrible-tasting, that you are literally starving yourself if you eat them.

However, if you eat moderate amounts of vegetables and fruits, your colon health will improve dramatically. The best are the red peppers, butternut squash, cabbage, kale, dark salad leaves, watercress, and wheat grass. All are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. When you get used to eating more vegetables and fruits, you’ll crave them.

Stop drinking with meals. Drinking with a meal makes the body crave even more sugar, which is very unhealthy. You should drink a glass of water thirty minutes before you eat, sip during your meal, and finish off with a glass of water. Soda and fruit drinks are empty calories.

Stop microwaving. microwaving vegetables and fruits depletes the natural nutrients that the produce delivers. It takes a lot of energy for the microwaver to run, yet none of it ends up as usable energy for your body.

Avoid vegetable and fruit juice. Most fruit and vegetable juice is poorly processed and full of sugar. You can cut down on sugar by drinking wine, sparkling water, or herbal teas.

ProteinPoor eating habits lead to low protein. If you have a fast food addiction, you are probably eating a lot of fast food, which is terrible for your health!

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