The History Of Skittles Candy – A Sweet Testament To Marketing Innovation

The History of Skittles Candy has come a long way since the ‘Skittles Original’ packages made their way to American shores. It has been about 30 years and the makers of the colorful candy brand continue to be innovative in their attempts to capture more sugar candy market share. Following the history of Skittles Candy sweets, their product development and their marketing reveal the marks of a great brand. And being ahead of the trend curve has been a policy with Mars Snackfood US, which is why they currently have two of the top five sugar brands.

The first campaign that led the Skittles Original brand invasion came under the theme ‘Taste the Rainbow. Any one who has followed the History of Skittles Candy can tell you it was hugely successful. Who could ever doubt the authenticity or dare I say divinity of sweets whose colors perfectly match the magnificent aura of the rainbow.

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Through out the history of Skittles sweets, staying on top is no doubt the intent of the company in keeping lock step with theme of ‘taste the rainbow for almost 10-years. So, “why fix it if it’s not broke?” Well, the sugary sands of public tastes shift over time. Teenagers that were polled thought that the earlier ads were too boring. So the producers experimented with other bylines that further engaged their largest consumer, the youth of America. The ad, ‘Believe the Rainbow,’ was thus born. The ever popular Skittles flavors, Tropical Skittles and Wild Berry Skittles, were released during this time around 1989 closely followed by Sour Skittles in 2000.

The pollsters also discovered that school age children were not only interested in Skittles Flavors for the fruit taste. They also liked them for the purpose of throwing them at friends, bouncing them as well or just plain making noise with them. The history of Skittles Candy is truly an American story filled with surprises and an even a little patience can take you far.

Other interesting Skittles Candy facts:

Skittles came into being in the year 1971.

The free-range chicken that was produced byolves was mistakenly thought to be a male, but a later study would reveal that it was indeed a female.

The making of Skittles Candy is a labor of love that never ends. Being an manufacturing company, Mars has put its heart and soul into Skittles production.

There is a little bear. He does not have a pot to grease his bread. Instead, his hands are dirty from handling the raw sugar too long.

The Scooby Doo cartoon was to feature a talking cartoon bird who always wanted 99ers. Why? Who does? Everyone does! Make sure you catch on to his Craigslist bio. It changes from year to year.

Bold Sugar at one point had a scare when it was discovered that they were unable tocriptions the sugar in correctly. The American sweet maker, Brownell decided to change the spelling of the word to ‘sugar.’

And the Jiffy Pop brands were also given a makeover. They now claim to be ‘America’s Flavor of Choice’ and advertiseesame, of course, as the ingredient.

There are many other interesting side notes to add to this article, but including them here is a good way to save time if you are in the mood for an in-depth knowledge of something interesting”.

Did you know that separately, each serving of Skittles has 74 calories, 77 milligrams of sodium, nearly 900 milligrams of cholesterol and supplying nine grams of sugar? Yeah, they are pretty extreme. But they still contain big amounts of sugar, as much as three servings – and that’s a serious health risk.

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