Omega 3Kids – What Need To Know Before You Buy Omega 3 For Your Kid

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We all love our own kids, but could it be that they might not be so happy with us because we failed to properly prepare them for the things that they were going to face when they became adults. One of the major concerns that parents should have is how to ensure that their kids get enough Omega 3. With obesity and other weight related issues breathing down our necks every day, kids are definitely a target to have weight problems and obesity.

While it is true that obesity can leave adults withchy and sore muscles, the way to fight it is not by yourselves. The way to fight obesity and other weight related issues is through a healthy diet and what foods you should especially be including in your children’s diet. Protein is necessary for the body and the way to get it is through supplements. Fatty fish and fish oil is a popular way of getting Omega 3.

Does fish provide fatty acids? Yes, fish does, but not in sufficient quantity to optimize your body’s ability to produce testosterone. What this means in layman’s terms is that if you are not eating enough fish then you are not getting enough testosterone in your body. In fact, studies have shown that most men who are over weight are severely deficient in the essential fats that help them produce testosterone. Too much dietary fat is one of the most effective weigh loss myths, and childhood obesity is a direct result of this.

When you are deficient in the essential fats that help your body produce testosterone, several problems can result:

1-Decreased sex driveExperimenting with supplements found that in men who were deficient in the essential fatty acids, they reported lower sex drive.

2-Low energyConstrained by reduced calorie intake and quickly becoming weak due to low energy, many people have reported that they quickly get tired, experience dry skin and even lose muscle tone.

3-Slow cognitive function and lack of physical endurancePeople alsoExperiment with supplements found that people who were lacking in the essential fatty acids had lower levels of energy and higher levels of fatigue.they experienced cognition problems. Symptoms even included visual impairment, and walking while playing was not uncommon.

4-Heart diseaseOne of the biggest concerns today is heart disease. And it’s no surprise why. With the push for Further Studies into EFA’s by the National Institutes of Health, more and more doctors are including that they recommend their patients to take a daily Omega 3 supplement.

5-Arthritis SymptomsYou no longer have to suffer the stiffness and pain of arthritis, doctors and scientists have concluded that by supplementing with the right nutrients, you can have less joint pain, morning stiffness and jointago pains. IN fact, the National Institutes of Health claims that there is a strong link between supplementing and less pain, better joint motility, reduced risk of Osteoporosis and hip fractures.

Now that you know these 5 functions of fish oil, I hope you can see how important they are to you as well. And if someone is asking youhow much fish oil should I take, you’ve come to the right place.

Women should consume 1200 mg of EFA’s per day. When they have those, they can stop joint pain, lower their blood pressure and increase their flow of blood so that they can lose weight.

Men should consume1500 mg of EFA’s per day. This will help to keep them strong as well as increase their sexual performance.

And children should consumeintake of EFA’s of up to 600 mg per day. They should never be allowed to self overdose however.

You also need to ensure that you are buying a product that is of pharmaceutical grade.

You will find that the best supplements available also are the ones that areEnzymesare added to them, ensuring that the the body can absorb them efficiently. Some of them are made to include CoQ10 as well.

You will also find that the most effective supplements are the ones that include Lycopene and Astaxanthin, which are natural pigment carotenes. These help to protect your vision, improve your complexion and protect your DNA.

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