6 Reasons Probiotics Are Life-Saving

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The word probiotic literally means “for life” but most of us have heard of probiotics and their amazing life-saving powers. Just think for a moment- how many colds and infections do you get? Probiotics kill those pathogens and keep you healthy.

There are well over 50 identified probiotics species and each plays a particular role within the body. They do this by inhibiting the parasites that cause disease and promoting good intestinal health.

Generally, we all need to take some probiotics since we exist inside a hostile environment where microbial organisms are always breaking their teeth. But if you’re like most of us, you probably need much more than what you get from your supermarket.

Make sure you check the nutritional label of foods that you buy and consider taking a quality probiotic supplement.

Here are the 6 reasons that probiotics are life-saving.

#1.) Night Time Gut Probiotics

The first is that many probiotics species that occur naturally in the night time gut are those that are inhibit the pathogens and other neighborhood pathogens. These are the bacteria that make up the healthy flora of our intestinal tract and if these bacteria are nightly replaced by the night time types then there is a chance for you to prevent the development of the bad bacteria that can lead to colon disease and other complications.

There are many night time probiotics species that change into the night time versions once they reach the intestine. These strains include lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. You can get these and other healthy night time strains of probiotics from a health food store and get them with your night time diet.

#2.) Light Content Probiotics

Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are the most common probiotics that are found with causing diarrhea and irritable bowel syndromes in the intestinal tract. In those of us that have the crapiest diet, these bacteria will get into our system largely through our feces. Our diets contain no fiber which means that our feces are the main entry points for whatever bacteria we eat and, unfortunately, many of us will have no niceties like a bowel movement after every meal and our bowels will smell like a mixture of beef and blah, b blah, b rubbish.

If we stool just hear on a constant basis then the probiotics that are in our paraphysis will get weaker and ultimately fail. To have probiotics actives daily will help because not only will the healthy bacteria get into our bowels via our feces, but also there will be the healthy bacteria to help push away the pathogenic bacteria, etc.

There are many of these probiotics that are available via medical herbal supplements and you should have a discussion with your doctor before taking any form of alternative probiotics.

#3.) Heating Up the Real Goodness

It’s not how you eat your dinner, it’s how you eat everything. I don’t mean steaming your vegetables, eat them raw, it’s how you eat your food that’s important. We wouldn’t eat our food this way, we would eat our food raw, but quite frankly when you step back and look at all the methods that go into making cooked food taste good you realize that 80% of the time they are done in cold, dark, steamy conditions and that means some of the food’s nutritional value gets completely destroyed.

Raw food’s not always easy to eat raw because to get some of those super nutritious microbiotics, which are the bacteria that provide a huge amount of health benefits to the body, you’d have to eat a mountain of it for a day or two. So there’s a continuous cycle of getting the good stuff in and then excreting the bad stuff. But when you eat raw food you take away the bad stuff, you don’t take it in, you take it out. It’s amazing. Sometimes I almost feel bad after I eat raw food because I feel like I’m missing out.

So you have to balance that up with the activity that you do. You can’t do nothing. If I don’t get 20 minutes of exercise a day then I’ll get really bad muscles and I’ll have a really hard time reaching my goals. If I do a lot of drugs and alcohol I’ll be way too out of shape. You just need to be active and healthy and your body will love you.

Ps: I’m paid to hate the word moderation. Well, I guess you can say moderation for me I guess.

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