Knowing The Good Foods For Your Health

Some of our healthy foods can be surprisingly filled with hidden fats. With so many people dieting and so may new so called diet foods available we have to be careful to read the label and know what we are eating and what we are not. We want to be healthy, strong and feel good. So we should follow some so called healthy snacks guidelines to make sure we are eating the right foods and getting the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy.

As a body builder I have always used protein powders and powders to help build muscle and burn fat. With all the talk about how body builders only eat whey and other farm raised foods that have high sugar content, body builders far prefer the taste and taste of real food over what most would consider a processed so called “superfood”. I have always used blueberries and strawberries as my breakfast and lunch drinks. Although they are thickening my blood and not quite allowing my body to digest them, they will take weeks to digest and during that time I can swell inside and feel full. A simple banana or an apple will do the trick or you could just have a bowl of blueberries. Both will serve as wonderful healthy snacks with added vitamins and minerals to your diet.

selective focus photography of sandwich with fillings

For the evening meal many people choose to go with a diet meal and add extra weight to their waistline. We have all heard those warnings from the media, other nutrition experts, our children’s teachers, and doctors. So we tend to go with what is safe and seem safe. But many of these foods have so many hidden fats and sugars they make a diet seem like it is hard to get rid of all the excess calories. As a body builder I have found that many of the diet so called healthy foods Missing HFCS (High fructose corn syrup) and many other unhealthy ingredients do not help promote a healthy diet and will in fact, make a diet seem far more fattening.

I have studied and read about the many benefits of exercise and learned that physical activity helps reduce fat and promotes healthy eating. Furthermore I learned that foods that are eaten together tend to pile on the pounds more so than alone. So, what happens when you add those extra pounds to your midsection? You get puffy midsections and flat chest muscles. At one time I worked with a girl who had her own business designing dietary supplements. She taught me about the different ingredients and nutrients found in various foods and how to combine the ingredients to recommend a specific nutrient ratio for her clients.

As an example she would create a spread and add vitamins A, B, and D and minerals potassium, iron, and zinc. All of these ingredients togethermagnesium,calcium,andfluorideand Vitamin E. She showed me how adding this spread to pancakes and tea created a super breakfast item that was rich in allergy friendly protein. All she showed me was that adding glucomannan, another finding from the soil, made the pancakes and tea taste wonderfully indulgent. The icing was an additional benefit of the super breakfast item. She showed me how to use the self made icing and said it was edible and had all the nutritional value of dried fruit.

Today I found an interesting web site with threeSecret Restaurant Recipesby marielle shire. It posted recipes for various E sides and desserts not only the main course but also cookies and shortcake. The recipes had a great amount of nutritional information about the ingredients and measures used in the dishes. marielle shire had written an entire book about super foods called ageless economyin 2005. In it she covered many of the popular staples of the ageless diet such as teas, pizzas, broiled fish and beef and produce.

Among the recipes listed in agelessography were side dishes such as salad, chicken liver and artichokes with avocado relish and the side dishsoffer made from fresh pureed cabbage and carrots. The recipes gave the servings per calories and suggested cooking methods such as stir frying, steaming, baking and roasting.

The side dishes and desserts were mostly low calorie and low in fat contents. The chicken liver was both low fat and low calorie and the artichokes with tomato sauce had an amount of protein equal to the amount found in a chicken breast. The amount of calcium in the chicken liver was also very low and it was better for our health than regular milk.

Some of the ingredients used were sodium caseinate, sodium chloride, whole milk, evaporated milk, meat liver, gelatin, glucose, sodium caseinate, and skim milk. The amount of sodium in the recipes was a little less than the recommended daily intake and the potassium value was high. However, because the recipes were prepared using poor quality ingredients, the calcium value was also less than the usual.

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