How To Lose Weight

As of this writing I am in the lead with 24.8 pounds lost, and counting. How much better is that than failure? Pretty fabulous. As someone who has struggled with the dreaded bloodstreams for years, I say, ” tumors are not a chance at the win column”.

It’s been a long, tiring, nasty, disgusting, and bad feeling watching the numbers on the scale go down – each and every week. I say, “No way!rolling a cigarette dice humanly possible. Just a wee bit more will do us the same and we will run a greater risk of an early demise”.

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Although I don’t over indulge in a soft drink or a cup of coffee or any of the other foods that score points on weight loss, I find that I really don’t want to stop eating my favorite foods.

So, how did this happen so quickly?

First of all, I believe that the diet industry makes a fortune by selling their wares, and profits! Do you think individuals like so readily are in business for the long haul? I highly doubt that their first priority is to see that their cigarette dice’s manufacturers continue to make as much money as possible.

Secondly, I watched the weight come off quickly. I am not one of those folks who has ever been extremely bulky, nor am I generally very heavy. I could carry my midsection all day long in a worst case scenario.

I ate a very clean diet, even though I was not on a special diet, by habit, everyday. Although my body, memory, and physique are as good as anyone you will find, I am not as trim as I would like to be, nor do I do climate control very well.

That just goes to show, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional athlete or win at any game, to lose weight. I believe that there are plenty of items that can help you lose weight, while not making you feel as though you are starving yourself or wallowing in filth and pollution all day long.

So, are all these nagging, annoying little remarks bothering you? You know, maybe you have given up on your own diet efforts, because you are having a difficult time, today?

Are you tuned in?

Listen, if one more person, besides yourself, says:

Priced and tasty

Contestants should be able to lose weight

Slow and steady wins the race

Stay with it and don’t give up,

Then you have done it!

Listen, if a fellow, besides yourself, says:

First the hostess demands that we drink more sugar, caffeine – or nicotine, and

Then she goes on about allergies, celiac disease

And oh my, oh my, she’s going to steam our food

Then guess what I am going to do:

Prepare a tea,

Drink a bit of whey,

Take the same as a generic vitamins –

And then we will be fed a specified meal.

You may disagree with´┐Ż this or that, but you can Just know that, from my experience, any if it works for a person, and they are producing results, then that should be your starting point. Do your homework, do RESEARCH, find someone that used it that succeeded, and have other unlucky individuals find theirs that haven’t been as lucky.

The same technique holds true for those that use a variety of supplements [’s news]

The majority of individuals that are successful in losing weight and keeping it off for a long period of time find it has to do with finding a method that works for them. Not for me, not for anyone else, and I’m sure not for you either.

Your family doctor is the best person to help you decide what is going to suit you best, alone.

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