How Do You Define Healthy?

How Do You Decide What is Healthy?

A Easy way to accurately determine the state of your eating habits, health or otherwise, is to break your food down into three categories. If you remain stuck in the marketing mindset, I strongly encourage you to utilize one of the three categories.

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* Fat Free, or

* Low Fat

* Whole Grain

* Organic

* Gluten Free

By selecting from the three categories you will be able to clearly see where you fit in the spectrum of considered healthy foods.

Group I – Eat Healthy ( Meaning you have met your caloric requirement. )

Group IV – Eat Healthy, but Don’t obsess over it. ( Meaning, you are allowed to have your favorite treats, and not necessarily have to eat perfectly, you just have to pick and choose when you want to eat and WHAT you want to eat. )

Group V – Eat Healthy, Decide to Eat Healthy, and Live With It. ( Meaning, you are going to start eating these healthy foods and you are going to love it. )

Then everyone starts making those conscious decisions over what and how they are going to eat each day, and they all become healthier. Everyone needs to understand that you cannot be healthy if you are eating foods that at least seven times a day, if you are drinking sodas at least four times a day, if you are snacking on cookies at least twice a day, and if you are eating and drinking belly fat.

You might want to make sure you are aware of the foods that you are consuming each day and productive in your decision to what you are going to do. Put one thing on your mind that you might be getting everything you need, just not in the quantities that you would like. That would be a good thing. You would have to work harder, you might find that you are eating more than you need, but as long as you live with it and you are working Overtime you will be more than adequately stocked with what you need to get healthy. In fact, tell the people around you that you need to stick with what you are doing because everyone would rather live with you then cheat. If you cheat, you are just opening yourself up to a whole new slew of new problems. To compound things even further, you can not expect to simply live with what you eat. You need to change it up.

When you are working toward changing your life and your appearance you cannot centered on what you are missing out on, but rather you need to think about adding a positive change into your life. This does not mean you need to stop eating the foods that you enjoy, what we all know is the best part. What you need to do is to add something healthy into your life. There is no need to become an ascetic if you are having a great time and lifestyle; there are very few people who want to be weak all of the time. It is time to add something new.

Being healthy, and having a normal weight is something that people can do in life. It is something that is not easily achieved, that takes years to develop. I encourage you to just take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle. You will feel better and have a lot more energy flushing things down that you really do not like to think about. We cannot always avoid having our favorite foods, but instead we need to see the positive changes that you can make. Some things that you can do to change the negative is to eat a half hour before you go to bed, you wouldlet your child finish dinner before snacking, make sure that you drink two glasses of water before you go to bed and turn off the television. If you are going to have a large breakfast you can wait an hour or two before eating a full meal, you would rather have food be your beverage. Before you get started making any changes you should have a basics course or research on what you are about to change.

Food is good when it is wholesome and natural. We need to be careful of what we put in our mouths. Change your eating habits and be responsible enough to know what you are doing. Allow your body to tell you if it is tired or if it is hot. You will be much more conscious of what you are eating if you will be eating properly. Eat slower and enjoy your food. Eat smart, and you will be able to enjoy life much more.

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