Eat Healthy Spices And Stay Healthy

Along with the all the numerous recipes that you can potentially cook or bake, there are certain spices that you should always have on your list. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, bay leaves and turmeric are some of the spices and herbs that you should have on your list. Cinnamon is really good for blood sugar levels and certain foods rich in carbohydrates can actually contain cinnamon.

It really is difficult to become bored with flavors, as you can always find so many tasty and healthy recipes for your pick Me Up. You should never feel bored when doing the right thing and keeping yourself fit and healthy. When you are doing the right thing, it is because you know that you are doing it for yourself. Most people do not like to admit this but most of the time, we are just not doing the right thing and then we wonder why we are not getting the results that we want.

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Eating Healthy Spices and Keeping Healthy Meals Simple

Spices and herbs are not only very healthy but it would also be nice to have some of them as part of our daily food. You could either use them as flavor enhancers or you can even use them for food preparation. Here are some of the common food herbs that you should either incorporate in your meals or even as flavor enhancers.

CinnamonCinnamon is great as a flavor enhancer, as it can be added to most savory food dishes. For example, cinnamon is great with steak or fish. It can also be used for sweet dishes, like cinnamon buns.

OreganoWith Oregano, you can present a great aroma to your food, as well as add a citrus touch. This is a good herb to either use as topping for salads, sandwiches, or even as garnish for rice and pasta.

clovesWith clove being such a strong flavor enhancer, you can pretty much always use it with nearly everything. If you want to use it on savory food, try sprinkling it over a basic sauce for easy easy digestion.Cloves can also be used over basic barbecue for a great kick.

NutmegNutmeg is a condiment that has a mouth watering taste. You can use it in cooking or as topping for ice cream or even lollipops. Nutmeg can also be used as toppings or added to baked goods as well.

CayenneCayenne Garlic – (cayenne as in the “hot pepper”) is actually a really nice herb – great with fish, Beef, kidneys, pork – and it’s actually good for you, too. The stronger the taste, the better it is for you. A little bit of Cayenne in things like salsas is always awesome.

InquiestrangeOf course, sometimes we all want things to taste so good that they are consumed almost in spite of us, so “less is more” is always a good rule of thumb here. You can use nutmeg in apple sauce or dressing for added zest, but keep it to these uses sparingly.

These are merely a few examples of how you can make use of the wonderful flavor enhancers that are sprouting up in stores as well today. Who knows? This may be the year that you get to enjoy healthy, “exotic” and healthy foods from all around the globe!


Enhancing your food with spices like these is a great way to solve your cravings for salt, MSG, preservatives and other artificial ingredients. This will help you cut down on urinary and urinary tract infections, rheumatoid arthritis and also cardiovascular diseases. People with migraines could also benefit from a drop in these levels.

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These simple flavor enhancers will help you in your healthy, natural food preparation. They drop down the rates of many illnesses and also have a soothing natural flavor. Salt and pepper are also especially good for relaxing your slightly tense stomach, and are a mild anti-histamine.

More recently, medical studies have shown thatRosemary benefit heart health, anti-aging benefits and is even used to treat common fungal infections like athlete’s foot, and thus boost the immune system.

As for the recent invention of Science in the arena of health and fitness, they have disabilityingly come up with new natural and herbal remedies for various diseases and disorders. obsessed individuals are starting to put their trust in these products.

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