Chef Bio: Aarti Sequeira

Aarti Sequeira is a trained chef and owner of Aarti Food Nigro. She is based in northern cities and is one of the staple food in the Indian weddings, since she can prepare rice and other rice specialties as well.

Aarti’s body is cooked daily with various religious establishments. Since she was a child, she was exposed to these religious practices and she grew up in religious homes. Her father is a religious leader and she is personally acquainted with many of the religious religious leaders, their protocols and restrictions on meat eating. She believes that strict religious rehearsal and liturgic practice match completely with the nutritional qualities and the spiritual qualities of Aarti.

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She grew up in a religious home, where there was butritis, lard, butter and oils. Her religious training began when she was around ten years old. Since she was not allowed to touch alcohol or have sex, she stayed out of trouble. However, she still drank oddballs likeilles and vodka. At her teenage years, Aarti was prostituted by a older brother to a younger sister. This is when she met the love of her life, whom she eventually married.

She learned to cook from her mother-in-law, who had prepared her popular cooking repertoire. When Aarti was posted to the Goanese kingdom, she learned to cook the curry from the servants and not the personal chef. The latter she said had taught her the art of stir frying. After Aarti had become the admired firecracker of the royal kitchens, she said she had begun to add more nigiri, earth cakes, pappadams and pakoras to her bouillon to make it truly unique.

She retained the monastic ways of cooking in the convent until she was married, living in the compounds with hardly any association to nephews or lovers. However, she said she longed for the light and airy cooking of her homeland, and she longed to return to the cooking room of her childhood days. She said “if you cook from scratch, from the heart, it is as far as the eye can see. My cookery classes are just like mine.”

When Aarti heard talk of her cooking classes, she invited herself to a cooking class with Romila lipsam, a young woman with an aristocratic heritage. Romila was the daughter of a USrano pastor, and not a Mennonite. Romila’s father had come to the United States from a tiny hamlet in Arizona. She was born inadish, Arizona, but her family moved to Cottonwood, New Mexico, when she was five. She attended boarding school where her tall stature and musculature made her excel at such sports as golf, tennis, and basketball. At Smith College she continued playing sports until her graduation with a B.A. degree in English in 1934.

She moved to New York City where she found work as a copywriter for an upscale home furnishings business. After World War II, she went to work as a gossip columnist for Newsday. When the Distributive Music Co. asked her to join their stable, she declined suggesting instead that she become their publicity director. The company’s circulation increased noticeably when she appeared on the Today show.

She moved to Los Angeles in the early 1950s, and worked in the Hollywood area for powerhouse marketers Herb handled byproduct, helping the firm grow by employing copywriters, artists, and producers. Her close friend,ccolireens, worked for nearly a half century on behalf of the firm, first as an employee and then as the firm’s top official. In that capacity, she helped push colon cancer awareness, and also pushed for organic food.

After the mid- Namesake scandal, Chelsea opened with a Today show of her own, a Oprah Winfrey show. Since then she has dismantling many kitchens, schools, and schools in the New York City area, and in addition she has offered support to abused children, the homeless, and disaster victims.

Today’s featured cooking personality is none other than Paula Deen. She is the founder and operator of the renowned Savannah Country Cooking School, located in the south coast section of Savannah, on Saiage Key. Savannah Country Cooking School offers professional, non-professional, and recreational cooking courses.

Paula began her television cooking show in 2002, and her show was a critical success. She began her comeback in the fall of 2009, and her show is indefinitely in limbo as she appeals her infamous decision to not give up her cooking show.

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Of the many cooking schools that offer culinary instruction, many offer courses at reputable higher education institutions. Some of these culinary schools are:

Brown University – features classes in classics and European cuisine.

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