The Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth, Health, Vitality, And Energy, The Super Secret Drink, Quenching Your Way To A Healthy Cancer-Free Heart

The secret of the fountain of youth has always been, and will always be, green tea. In China, it is known as “hiarkana” and comes from the bitter-spices used in making the tea leaves. The secret of the fountain of youth is not only good old tea; it is the combination of certain healthy and nutritious foods.

In Japan, kombucha has been used for centuries. It is made from fermented tea leaves and, according to Japanese research, it has numerous benefits. It is also referred to as ” Aiuraizuka” which means “good will or illness Prevention” and is often drunk at the end of the meal with rice or better carbohydrate to feed the stomach..

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Although there are several other varieties of tea, green tea is the most popular in the USA. It is referred to as the loose tea, as it can be consumed with much less stringency than the bottled or prepared tea drink. The tea is neither boiled nor steamed, but rather it is treated with hot water and the fermentation process occurs.

Proven Immune Substitute

Iiabetes is on the rise and is spreading throughout the world with Type 2 diabetes increasing in Chimborazo, Argentina; Polytechnic, Chile; causing 8% of the adolescent population in United States and contributing to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. There are about 20 washing-naps in the United States and another 35 million people in worldwide who are largely unaware of this.

Green Tea in small doses is a proven Immune Substitute. The immune stimulating effects of the green tea is thought to be due to the high antioxidant content of the tea. Antioxidants are present in all green teas of the four principal continents: Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. The antioxidants are called flavonoids because of their chemical properties. The flavonoids of green tea are also found in wine and red wine, but not in beer, because beer contains greater amounts of the antioxidant alcohols than tea.

The excluding diets that did not allow for the consumption of tea included the following: in addition to massive restriction, there is the strict observance of not drinking any tea or coffee, afternoon and evening tea, any form of chocolate, and all caffeinated products. In extreme cases, herbal and medicinal teas may be added. HazelTea and divided leaf tea have been tried, but without success. Some herbal teas caused stomach problems, liver disorders, and dermatitis. However, there are now few people who receive any reaction at all from the herb and green tea.

Consumption of green tea raises the level of nitric oxide in the circulatory system, improving blood flow, and helps to prevent excess sodium and potassium clumping together in the blood. These positive effects may be due, in part, to the ability of the herb to increase the flow of relaxed ions across the lining of the blood vessels.

Because each cup of green tea contains about 400 milligrams of potassium, this is the mineral that is credited with helping to keep the heart beating steadily and regularly.Potassium is also responsible for the strength of your muscles, and for the formation of electrolytes. The lack of sodium and potassium can lead to muscle cramps, and fluctuations in blood pressure. (Hassium also plays a part in maintaining body temperature.)

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that remove the damaging effects of free radicals on the cells of the body. These antioxidants may prevent the formation of certain cancers and other chronic diseases.

Here are some other benefits that you can obtain by regularly drinking green tea.o It may protect against cancer.o It may prevent or reduce the severity of existing cancer.o It may help to control high cholesterol.o Green tea may reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL).o Green tea may also help to control blood sugar levels.o Green tea may help to control weight.o The antioxidants in green tea may also help to minimize the effects of daily cigarette smoking and drinking.

Therogens are contained in the leaves of the plant, which mimic the sex hormones of the male reproductive system.

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