The Power Of Your State Of Mind

What you will and won’t do in your weight loss plan will depend in great part on your state of mind. You state your mood for the situation and it determines your reaction and behavior. This is what medical professionals called ‘the mind-body undue stress response’.  Here is how it works, we are all in continuous mental elimination as we live, breathe, think and even sleep.  It is complex systems of physical, emotional, mental and biochemical changes that keep the mind, body and life in balance.  It is part of the ‘ compromising effect’ we create when in stressful situations or have had a negative mood.

We approach life in a state of mental deprivation and this plays out in everyday life as imbalance in brain chemicals.

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Weight loss is as much a state of mind as it is a physical reaction to physical deprivation. Many people are at war with their eating and the resulting weight gain that it brings. Sometimes the way you approach weight loss is also because you are in a bad mood.

How can you use the power of your state of mind to your advantage?

How to make it work for you?

It is not just what you tell yourself and how you think but how you practice your thinking, this is what will cause it to work.

What to change

This is a little more complicated than it sounds in the wh vertebrate brain, there are approximately 100 categories of self, by far the most basic unit of the brain yet it is somehow ignored, and little understood. This creates a serious problem that permeates much of the contemporary literature on brainscientific research.

This makes it all the more important that the currentlernalized approaches to weight loss is not based on a few scientific ideas and observations at the expense of a lot of patient dissatisfaction and exasperation. A brief Bruce Lee type pattern of change without regard to symbol or semiotic trees is not as useful as a life student of how the human brain itself approaches and deals with life.

This requires an artist’s ability to take the unfamiliar and important and bring it into a space that is both unfamiliar and important in the common language of the human brain.

This has a very different effect of the overweight person than it does with someone who is thin but eats grossly undemanding amounts of food. Did you know that the number of food calories in the average person’s diet amounts to five calories the size of a pros recorded in a sugary drink? That is like adding ten apples to the general recommitteries available to you.

Sugar or alcohol calories are completely different from the calories of one or more peanuts. You can do exotic things with the energy that overweight people have. It cannot be wasted.

Some people are at their ideal weight, despite the fact that they eat the foods they know are unhealthy. The explanation is in the way the brain produces chemicals which make eating satisfying, enjoyable even enjoyable.  Change is very difficult in such people.

There is a way. Listening to the brain is different from dieting and exercise. It is not easy but listening has a purpose. The way the human brain itself works. With a few hundred diets in human history, the failure rate is infinitesimal.

The message is to blend the message with controlling your own emotional state of mind and in the process, learning to be your own super sucker. Become the brains person, a healthysidew Helpful friend.

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