Shawarma – The Muslims’ Meat

Fasten your belt between your thighs and knees and prepare your naan just a little bit more for meander some more meat. Shawarma is a dish among the Muslims in the Mediterranean region and Turkey. The dish is traditionally cooked in an oven called the al-Jura and marinated with lemon juice and garlic, occasionally served with pasta or chickpeas. In a large bowl, put olive oil and couscous and pour a little bit of the minced lamb and vegetables. Then start putting the prepared mixture over the couscous and so it all goes on boiling. All the is prepared and cooked and the peas are then served along with the dish. You will rarely find such a dish in the restaurants.

Glorious Shawarma

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The Shawarma is also called as vigOShewa, which is a Malay word that mean “lettuce soup”. Expensive extra fancy shawarma usually prepared with dormers and restaurants. The vegetables are cooked and prepared and the couscous is also served along with shawarma and olives. You will not see many fresh green peas or peppers or onions so the Shawarma is usually served with a dish of pasta or rice. When a single person, whether a child or an adult, asks for a Shawarma, what do you say? You say “All bet360°”.

Shawarma – More then 10 choices

The Shawarma is a delicacy and because of the high Production, we’re lucky to have a number of recipes. Due to the high value, Shawarma is a favourite dish of many. The favourite sweets made from Shawarma are himself, toasted or kneaded into small balls, hollowed pine nuts, semolina and ground nuts. Then mixed with freshly made lassi, which is a sweetened, cultured milk, and rice drink. The main meat, lamb shish is also cooked with the rice.

Combination 2 – Nasi Goreng

This is usually a popular dish among the Roma people. It commemorates the way God made the first footprint on the moon. Unlike other Indonesian foods, which seem to be more influenced by Filipino and Malaysian foods, Nasi Goreng has no coconut and surprisingly, no fish. Everything is vegetarian. Interestingly, Nasi Goreng is traditionally eaten using the right hand, while everything else is eaten with the left hand.

Nasi lemak, as it is cooked, can be taken as a whole or chopped up. Like any Other Indonesian dish, it is served with generous amounts of rice and condiments.

Combination 3 – Roti Canai

This is one of Roti Canai’s lesser known varieties. Made with Taro, Kaya, and skinned cassava, this one is a safe bet for heights of anyone who’s trying to watch their weight. Not as fatty as others and thus lighter to eat, it is a great dish to start with for those who are not used to Indian Restaurant food.

Fresh Legs – This is one of lighter Indian meals where the meals can be composed of both spicy and mild dishes. Roti Canai is composed of both spicy and mild dishes and again, tastes very good with accompanying chutneys and is great for breakfast meal or snacks.

Travelling around Indonesia can prove to be a real challenge for your cuisine curiosity. Indonesia has it all … from sweet to very spicy food. It is not difficult to find a restaurant which suits your taste. My favorite is Nasi Lemak.

Though Indonesians are friendly when it comes to hospitality, they are also searching for new ways to incorporate their food curiosity. They can find a lot of Indian restaurants in Indonesia but they always seem to be cooking Indonesian food. When travelling outside of Indonesia for a food trip, the hardest thing to find are restaurants specializing in Indian food. Hard to find is a Indian restaurant in Indonesia that serves Indian food in the outside since they seem to be few in number.

Perhaps, an idea is to go for Indonesian food that is combined with Malay food. This is really a brilliant concept. The combine the richness of food with the touch of spices and you end up with a truly Indonesian food.

In addition, when traveling outside of Indonesia, make sure that you try integrates these Indonesian combinations. Otherwise, you might end up with a mix of flavors and tastes that are really hard to describe but are delicious nonetheless.

Indonesian combinations is by no means a new idea. We have been making them for years. But just like other combinations in Indonesia, you need to be willing to try it out.

So, stop thinking about Indian food as a single flavor. It is best to learn about Indonesian food and treat yourself right away.

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