Policosinol And The Prevention Of Osteoporosis

The word ‘osteoporosis’ literally means ‘porous bones’. Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones, commonly caused by a lack of calcium and proteins in the diet. This leads to severe joint and bone pain. The first sign of osteoporosis is a brittle bone structure. The second and third signs of osteoporosis are increases in bone density and bone length. Women are at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis, because of hormonal imbalances and because of their reduced bone mass.

Osteoporosis can occur without medical treatment and is a major cause of bone loss in postmenopausal women. After menopause, bones lose their density and mineral content at a faster rate than they gain them. Even still, those who are at the lowest risk of developing osteoporosis are still more susceptible to suffering a fracture from a falling apple.

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The Most Common Causes of Osteoporosis

The most common cause of osteoporosis is simply a diet that is deficient in calcium and protein. It is also caused by less than optimal absorption of the fat soluble vitamins, vitamin D and vitamin K. Additionally, there are several other causes that one must be aware of if he or she wishes to delay, improve, or avoid this health problem.

Lack of Calcium & Iron Supplements

It takes a serious lack of both calcium and iron to allow osteoporosis to develop. The lack of calcium alone is often not a cause but is often compensated for by the other mineral. Furthermore, as stated above, fat absorption is oftenavored over nutrition by a preference for convenience and ease. This may manifest itself in the form of eating too much fast food and food that has been deep fried. Such fast food choices often contain a high amount of calories and fat. Consequently, a diet high in such elements will cause one to not take in the desired amount of needed calcium and other minerals. Along similar lines, a diet lacking in vitamin D and vitamin K can cause the bodies to take in more calcium than it needs. Such elements are found in fatty fishes such as salmon and mackerel, and non-grass fed meats.

Diet & Exercise

Unfortunately, when one begins to exercise on a regular basis, he or she might become discouraged due to the heavy calorie requirements. Although one might exercise enough to make some progress, the end result is more likely to be weight gain because the body must sustain the extra calories.

Exercise has many other positive affects on the body besides bone health. The mix of protein, calcium, and vitamin D that is ingested during exercise places a high value on the body’s system not only for repairing itself, but also for allowing its systems to function at maximum efficiency. Exercise builds the body’s muscle tissue, which is rich in that nutrient. The more muscle tissue in the body means the higher quality of bone formation. Exercise rigorous exercise over a long period of time will cause the body to burn more calcium, which is converted into the mineral magnesium. The heart rate increase as exercise continues to be performed, which also increases the consumption of calcium and vitamin D in the body.

Proper Nutrition with Diet and Exercise

The goal of a successful osteoporosis patient is to have more bone density and healthier bones. While bone loss can occur at any age, the older you are, the slower your bone loss tends to be. In addition, osteoporosis causes severalChanges in Bone Density ( lesion formation, bone fragility, bone loss, etc ).-impact fractures, thinning of the bones, hip fractures, falling bones, Supports body’s weight during all stages of life.

Exercise is the best way to maintain bone health and decrease bone loss. Calcium and vitamin D stored in the body helps increase bone density and decrease bone loss during the exercise period. Exercise and sun exposure are the best natural ways to produce vitamin D. Exercise, 30 minutes of sun exposure at least twice a week without sunscreen, and taking a vitamin D supplement if you are not getting enough during the day would be your best bet for a healthy heart, strong bones, and optimal immune function.

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