One Simple Tip For Healthy Digestion And Weight Loss

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Our eating habits haven’t changed a great deal over the years. The order we eat certain foods in the Western diet is stagnant. This means that certain meals are always set apart, even when they are associated with other holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. For instance our “happy meal” is generally the same as every other weekend morning. The only variation is the drinks and the order.

When you’re first starting on a change of lifestyle or you’re an old pro who knows all of the tricks of the trade, an emphasis on structure seems to be the thing that you’re missing. structure really comes into play when you’re looking at a food regimen or a diet.

I’ve noticed that many friends start off doing some version of the vegetarian thing with the introduction of fish, fowl or meat. Many focus on the large amount of fish that is consumed. My initial thoughts about this are that it’s a great idea but if you can’t get your head around eating fish as a regular part of your diet then you’re probably never going to stick with it.

There are several different types of vegetarian.

Lacto Ovo Lacto Ovo’s are the ones that put a freeze on meat. They allow the dieter to eat meats but in very minimal wears. Peps, shrimp and fish are often good choices for this type of vegetarian.

Vegans are the strictest of them all. They refuse to eat any meat or animal products, including eggs, milk, honey, butter, cheese and even items such as honey.

Then, there is the standard no meat / no dairy, plan.

Air Freshener’s are able to take the smell away from meats leaving just the delicious aroma. More and more people are allowing this option for themselves.

Purist’s believe that they should use only non-grade A sauna oil. The higher the quality, the better the sauna oil is. It should contain as many of the 88 essential nutrients that are too abundant in our modern diets.

Raw Food’s, also known as living foods, have no attachment to meats. They are, instead, staples of the raw food diet. Each of the following are a must on a raw food diet:

Raw Fruits and Vegetables — they offer the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber when they are consumed in their natural, whole state.

Breads — their gluten free and anti-nutrients are destroyed, making them one of the most nutritious and healthy of the food choices. This, along with the above mentioned benefits, makes breads a must have for the raw food diet.

Beverages — they provide the maximum amount of fluid, but no carbohydrates.

Protein — nuts, seeds, grains, lentils, and legumes are all great sources of protein.

Cocoa and chocolate — raw chocolate is very versatile, try it with carob powder to add a unique taste and texture.

additives and flavorings — the rain forestBuilds 99% of the bodies nutrients and flavor.

Wheat, oat, and rice flour — the diet definitely has an affinity for bread, rice and flour.

Stock — any best vegetable oils, olives, and nuts make excellent stock.

Sugar — the diet is mostly absence of it, so you can leave that out.

Effects — the amount of the substance you take in on a daily basis will have noticeable effects on your body.

Causes of death compared to those on the standard American diet are like night and day. Some of the diseases can even be fatal.

There are so many negative effects that I can write pages of their own, but I will share just a few:

* Heart Disease* Strokes* High Blood Pressure* Irritable Bowel Syndrome* Diabetes* Cancer* Diverticulosis* Kidney Failure* Triglycerides* Low Cholesterol

Thins blood, making it more susceptible to clots* increases the risk for strokes* can predispose you to kidney damage* can cause you to have a stroke?* interrupts kidney functioning* too much soda can caused gall stones* can cause osteoporosis* can make you fat* causes tooth decay* seriously damaged by chlorinated water

I could go on, but with none of the scientific names mentioned that I’m aware of, it would be no wonder that this yummy beverage is banned by many countries.

I guess you could say that I’m a bit of a health fanatic, I believe everything should be natural and there are fewer things in the world that are natural than I am. Sometimes that rhymes.

I love how many great manufacturers find a way to make products that are all natural and safe, because nobody likes products that are laced with tons of chemicals.

Just remember this;

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