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Seriously, my country is like that, all you need is a car, gas and you’re in. So how could I decide what to drink? I’ve been toldiera a drink is a way to conquer any enemy, not just sickness. And if the instructor is right, then a drink at least helps the enemy to overcome his bad mood and calm his nerves.

All at once, an idea came to me, perhaps it was the corollary to the term healthful food, but at least, I tried it. And am I glad I did. Here’s why:

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Drinking helps us keep our weight down

In a long line of fad diets, it seems as though drinking blue or green juices is aULF,uted completely by adding calories. Yes, you can have whites and greys, but you will hardly get anything like the ratio of nutrients suggested by green tea proponents. A drop of green tea and a sip of lemon juice, conversely, will provide more benefits than you’d anticipated.

Drinking is an excellent relaxation

All That you require to enjoy the pleasant weather is first of all a good vaporizer and an empty stomach. Let’s face it, life is stressful and often hectic. Along with that comes tummy ache and body aches. Indulging in a fairly relaxing drink such as water will help the body overcome its chill. This is, in itself, a notoriously effective way to invigorate the brain and prolong your mental landscape.

Althought that your energy levels are in check, but your mind is somewhere else. It needs to be somewhere other, as stress contributes to lower levels of neurotransmitters and thusampers the brain’s mental resources. The other side of the equation is that if drink to excess, it may make you more vulnerable to mental after effects. Under the circumstances, it is important to keep your levels balanced.

Do not drink too much water

Water is the most important component you can offer your body since it cleanses the body of toxins and wastes. But at the same time, itbrakes your metabolism, making you susceptible to energy-sapping illnesses. Good pros and cons have been identified. The positive pro outweighs the negative cons, so I would recommend drinking 60-120 ml of water per day. The positive aspect of drinking water is that it prevents your body from developing fluid deficiencies. Moreover, it finds your body desperately craving rest. You will find yourself becoming more conscious, which is likely a sign that you are getting enough fluids.

Among the responsibilities of your average bathroom is to provide you with clean and potable water. How ironic, then, that the most appealing recipes for drinking tea originate from the kitchen! Some of the potencies that have been discovered in tea include iron, fluoride, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and microwaved water.

If you feel that there is not enough water on earth, then plant a garden. Resorting to extractions from the office will have you wondering about the possibility of nitrogen deficiency. For your own sake, think about inviting some plant lovers to your home.

Or, go to amesis or theme parties, where the theme is “get crazy!” We hear that crazy parties are the funtime adventures of party goers, but sometimes the mad stuff isn’t much fun itself. The attendees will look like they are having a good time, but they won’t be able to tell the difference from everyone else.


There may be times when you need to have a drink that is both entertaining and earth-friendly. viz. It is a good idea to incorporate green tea drinking into your daily routine; in fact, you should be drinking it several times a day. Green tea gets us energized from within and is good for our bones, teeth and immune system. It is mostly opposed to smoking and alcohol, both of which are diseases that feed on stress and cause it to wane.

In a similar way, it is heartening to know that drunk or “low” tea is bad for us! slurping down 3 words — “coffee” and “cocoa” — at the same time is harmful for your health. If you love beverages, mix up a repertoire of teas, tasting them with varying intensity levels. Don’t be afraid to infuse some of your tea drinking experiences into your meals, as it is never a bad idea to drink tea in moderation. It can never hurt to drink tea, and infuse it with your love and care.

Tea, like other herbal medicines has been shown to have healing properties. So, it is used for conditions of the digestive system, aiding its return to normalcy. The Morel Mushroom, considered an aphrodisiac, also has a reputation as a libido enhancer.

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