Knowing Your Tap Water Quality

Most homeowners do not realize that most of the cities they live in and many small town homes have tap water that is not clean, not tasting very good, or actually unsafe for human consumption.wide variations

Among the more than 2,000 known contaminants, most are salts (especially Sodium Chloride) and Chemicals (in the form of Chlorine, Lead, MTBE, and THM), drugs,erythrosine (elevenses to be more precise), Parasites, and Viruses. The actual list goes on and on for thousands of different toxic chemicals that homeowners should be very concerned about.

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What is in tap water?

What you and your family are drinking right now is highly suspectible to you and beyond the reach of your home’s water treatment systems. All municipal water treatment processes can only remove the clean up time, safety, and trace elements remaining from these chemicals. The full extent of what’s in tap water is hard to pinpoint since we live in a highlyTechnological society.

That’s why many experts recommend that you research the contaminants in your water source. It’s also a good idea to perform a home test. In your own kitchen or in a public area, you can perform the test and find out what is in tap water. Or you can look online and find free testing kits for your home.

The harmful effects of some of these contaminants are well documented by medical studies, government agencies, and medical journals. What is in tap water is bigger than you think. Many of the medical studies relate to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The toxicity of some of these elements is much more than others. That’s why many people are called “The Dirty Dozen”.

Even though many of the contaminants in water are smaller than viruses, they are still of major concern. The harmful effects of the inorganic minerals or chemicals outweigh the benefits of appreciated minerals and plants.

Experts recommend offering children and pregnant women filtered water as a primary offering at the household water source. When you know what is in tap water, you have the ability to make the right decision to protect your family’s health. You will also protect your own health by making the right health and nutrition decision to drink water from the tap.

This may be somewhat difficult to do at times, but it is worth making the effort. You can sleep better, your health will improve, and you will be more readily hydrated. There are steps you can take to find out what is in tap water and take steps to make the right water choices for your family. You will feel better and be more energetic, and your energy levels will be regularized. This is the energy that will make doing the chores and responding to the needs of your family easier.

One option you can take is to install a whole house multi-stage water filter system. This will cover not only your kitchen and shower but also your whole house, including the water supply and drain. This whole house system uses activated carbon filters with different layers of excellence to remove biological, chemical, and physical contaminants. You can depend on it to filter down to the microscopic level. This is the perfect choice for other measures you may need to protect your family’s health, though.

Another option is a water filtration system. This uses activated carbon filters and ion exchange to remove chemicals, though the results are not quite as good as seen from the tap. Moreover, they are not completely dependable. You can restore the natural flavor of water by filtering it through cheesecloth, herbal and iodine strips. You can easily treat your plumbing if you use one of these systems.

Ask for advice about your home’s water system. Get answers about the effectiveness of the latest water treatment products and services in your area. Several hundred people screen the claims and ratifications received from the companies that make up the local water treatment and treatment companies.

The treatment chips are not the sole purifier of your water. Although they are the most visible and easy to inspect, these are only part of the picture. pulverizers, which remove large objects like trees, household furniture and large rocks, are essential to proper filtration and distribution. There are other techniques to remove smaller contaminants and lighter particles though.

Serving out the tea, hot chocolate, beer, tea or coffee, means that you do not have to worry about the quality of the water you drink. Still, you need to consider how safe it is for consumption, especially by young children and the elderly.

Now that you know about the risks from different contaminants, you can be sure that you will choose a safe option for your family’s drinking water. omnipresent on grocery shelves as well as in the kitchen and dining rooms of every home.

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