Is Raw Food A Fad?

Raw foods are slowly becoming more mainstream now-a-days and the experts are cigaring that they will never go away.  And, some experts are even expenditures of large food companies.

But, what is wrong with raw foods?

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If we examine theTechniques of various cooking methods, we can soon realize there is no such thing as a ‘raw food’ recipe.  All recipes for raw foods must be made up of those ingredients which can be purchasable without processing or adding any product to the recipe – and, usually the items we use to make our dishes taste good.

The difference between a raw food and a traditional food is that the first ingredient we start with, in most cases, is the same: fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  The difference is in the manner in which they are used.

Fruits and vegetables, when picked, at the peak of freshness, and stored promptly, will keep for up to a week.  If they are refrigerated, they will keep for up to a month.  Aamericans, therefore, don’t have to buy their fruits and vegetables every day.  The same can be said for most other foods.

So, if we can have a surplus of fresh fruits and vegetables, defeating the purpose of storing them in the fridge, why is it that we, as a country, are caught in a diet of red meat, white bread, pasta and sugar?

It’s because the common American diet is loaded with refined carbohydrates and trans fats, in abundantly quantity.

Refined carbohydrates basically are corn-syrup, high fructose corn-syrup, artificial sweeteners, white bread, breakfast cereals, instant oatmeal, white rice, and potato chips, in addition to countlessother refined foods and snacks. Recognize any of those items that you can’t live without (I doubt any of us would)?

You get those ‘foods’ by shopping at the food processing outlets of the mega-mercury tuna, crab, and salmon corporations.

And that’s where the problem lies.

Those omega-6 rich oils found in refined carbohydrates are causing an inflammatory response in our bodies that cannot be ‘stressed away.’  In other words, they are creating inflammation, and climate trouble(s), from the inside out.

To put it another way, doctors, scientists, and the government all agree that chronic inflammation is the biggest health problem we face, a sure-fire way to get some of the most deadly diseases known to man.  Yet government and health agencies persist in recommending ‘low fat’ and ‘low cholesterol’ diet ‘rules,’ which leave people with little alternative than to take the omega-6 oils as a supplement.

Other populations who eat diets based on unrefined plant foods andountain-sized salads, heart disease is virtually non existent…and ‘Trans-fats’ is unknown.

The flip side of the argument is that government agencies and medicalizers tell us that we ‘have to eat healthy’ healthily, that we ‘have to eat’ (and buy) low cholesterol and low fat because our bodies were designed to do so.

If this is true, why are Americans so sick?  What medicine have we shoveled down our noses?  What chemical concoction is battering our brains?

The only answer I am aware of is Lack Of willpower.

On a personal note, I was on the medication for acid reflux and fillings for over a year.  The medication made my symptoms disappear for about a week, but then they came back with a vengeance.

I endured the popping and buching and the queasy-ness for years.  I even had fun as a child collecting quarts of milk and of cheese and delightfully eating them both raw and cooked.  Then the lack of will power began to unbelievable.

After awhile I decided I was too sick to make a habit of preparing and eating those foods.  I went through the whole list of what would normally have taken me 15 minutes to prepare and cook, and what took me 60 minutes or more.

This is not the sort of thing one talks about when making a healthful diet change.  Making a simple change to a diet consisting of raw fruits, raw vegetables and cheeses took a huge effort and cost a lot of money.  But once I took that journey… it changed everything.

If you are ready to make a change, and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, start making a change today.

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