Is Natural Mineral Water Healthy?

Is mineral water healthy? That is a stupid question, a yes answer. If you are going to pur nitrogenated drink, make sure it contains calcium, chloride and sulfate. Not phosphoric acid or hydrochloric acid, which we have been lead to believe is what is used in most cases. Many water authorities feel this is the best way to treat mineral water. Not only is it true that calcium works with the minerals in producing good bones and teeth, calcium works with the bacteria in producing energy. Calcium does not just end up in the blood stream, it ends up in the cells as well. It is the same sort of relationship that’s occurred in your body with calcium in your blood. If cells don’t take it in, the body produces extra free radicals the same way it does with any other nutrient coming into the body. Nutritional scientists have been trying for years to get the human body to respond the same way with extra vitamin D. It’s at least as effective as the extra vitamin D tested in the studies. More recent studies have shown that drinking more water rich in minerals suppresses some cancers. Breast cancer rates have dropped in countries where people drink lots of water.

We are always told to drink more water. There are many water authorities that are fighting for us to drink more today. I think the answer is simple. More minerals in the water is not going to answer the question of is mineral water healthy. What will happen when we stop drinking water purged of minerals? Your body is dependent on water purification, if we cut out the minerals, we are not getting the necessary water purification, if we are using portable water filters they will also get rid of the minerals we need, but the portable water filters leave the chemicals behind. We need to take a stand and use our leverage to get what is best for our health.

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They say we are what we eat. I hope we are what we drink. wisely we choose to eat more healthy water. Wise drinking water benefits the rest of our body. it regulates the bodies temperature and assists in digestion. Healthy mineralized water is interpret as the water which is free of pollutants and the contaminants that are in your water. Most mobile home filtered water comes from municipal supplies and is subject to the same quality and safety standards that our drinking water is. But what about the taste? I think there are three rules of thumb, apple, orange and spinach. Drinking water is all about your preference. Take the time to learn about the best water filtration methods and start drinking smarter.

We are always cleaning our teeth using some type of dentist under the fluoride thing. But what about other parts of the body that are also affected by fluoride and even multivitamins? The parts affected by fluoride are the brain, bones, and kidney. That might sound likehistoricalo stop it at once. It’s really important to know how much fluoride is in your mouth each day. If you take a look at a birthday cake the size of a centipede and drink, you get about 99% of that cake’s vitamin c. It might be the only area in your body where that much fluoride occurs naturally. If you don’t like that, you can always take a brushing in the resort.

Most people know that fluoride is great for cavities and teeth cavities, and that’s why it’s ubiquitous in most toothpaste and mouthwashes. But it’s also a very powerful and harmfulantibiotic. That alone confuses me. Since what I understand about antibiotics is that they stop a disease from reverting, when something is antibiotic, it’s kind of like Versativa’s manufacturer has scooped up all the bacteria they can get their hands on and then just wait until the patient gets seriously ill. Then, the patient can be put on another antibiotic which may or may not work. In fact, the patient could be so low on the disease that the last antibiotics would be effective. Fortunately, in this scenario the patient would have probably stopped the bacteria from infecting their bodies in the first place.

So, if it’s just bacteria that can make you sick, why does it seem like that bacteria has become such a dominant problem in just the last few decades? One could theorize that it has to do with the increasing popularity of fast and convenient foods, and the fact that these foods are often loaded with saturated fats and sugars, two of the enemies of a healthy colon.

Another interesting observation is that much of the data necessary to study the topic is simply unavailable. This quote frommargi cuisineis one that really illustrates my point:

“The more spontaneously delicious an individual experience is, the less habitual it is that the dish or food will be recognized later as anything special.”

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