Food Use

Many people like to eat foods which have special effects on their body systems. These foods can alter their physiologic functions, enhance and strengthen their immune system, regulate their emotions and sexual performance, and increase their sociogenic (cultural) awareness.

The main food ingredients that are highly recommended by researchers and dietary professionals are: complex carbohydrates, polysaccharides, monounsaturated fats, dietary fiber, niacin, vitamin E, selenium, and proteins (not chicken nor fish). The content of many vitamins and minerals is similar to the content of food colors. These ingredients have well established health benefits.

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By the way, red wine helps reduce the effects of oxidative damage. Beer can also reduce the oxidative damage. But, it stimulates the body to produce it. Red or white wine lessen the harmful effects of free radicals. Food web sites provide additional information about the benefits of specific food ingredients.

Among the five classes of food, food processing is one of the most important. It is used to make almost all the foods we eat. But, you may not realize that most of the food you eat, especially the diets with high protein contain large amounts of additives. These additives are used to enhance the taste, color, aroma and texture of the food.

Some of the beneficial health effects of additives are discussed in further details below.

Organic Food

The most common food additives used during food processing are the so-called organic ones. They are considered safe. However, organic food is very limited. Free range and organic meat and eggs are safe to eat. Water and most other liquids contain organic impurities.

It is necessary to wash organic foods thoroughly before consumption. This is especially important for products like organic meat, eggs and dairy products. dated or injected-with-contaminants are not considered as organic items. These would have harmful effect on the human body, especially the index of cholesterol.

It is further suggested that pregnant mothers should not consume organic food neglecting the fact that pregnant mothers comprise most of the future consumers of such products.

Generally, a recommended daily intake of organic foods is 3 servings of fruit and vegetables, and 4 servings of grains, lentils and legumes.

However, it is much difficult for them to meet this requirement. As the demand for organically grown food products is high, they are also getting expensive. A cost efficient andcheap way is to use substitute ingredients.

How to substitute organic ingredients?

It is possible to use organic ingredients in the normal dishes, without going through the trouble of making new dishes. Just one example is using synthetic peas in the normal roast potatoes. You can eat them with the normal potatoes without worrying about your health.

Likewise, usingsynthetic broths in the usual gravy is an easy way to ensure that you are not eating meat. All you need to do is to make a paste of ½ cup of butter and ½ cup of pumpkin. You can then fry the mixture in two slices of bread. The taste is very delicious, and is both healthy and delicious.

Frozen foods can also be used as substitutes for fresh foods. Frozen burger patties taste just like the fresh ones, and are very quick to cook. Make the burgers of your choice, and simply freeze them. When you are ready to cook the burgers, simply defrost them in the microwave or at room temperature if you prefer.

Finally, it may be possible to create homemade recipes that taste good but do not contain any chemical preservatives. If you are very careful, you can avoid getting sick from consuming foods that have artificial preservatives. But, if you prefer to eat them, it is best to prepare them with natural ingredients. That way, you are sure that you are eating healthy meals.

If you are concerned about artificial preservatives, you can find some affordable ways to remove them from your regular meals. The best option is to buy organic foods. If you prefer to buy wines online, you can find some assure wines that are 100% made from grapes.

Although organic foods taste better and seem to have less calories, they are not produced with any hormones or antibiotics. They are also tested before they get to your table to make sure that they still carry the same level of quality as they did when they were picked.

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