Consumption Of Peanuts Regularly Will Increase Life Span

Peanuts are among very precious foods on the face of the earth because of the wonderful nutritional content associated with this agriculture product. The peanuts are the source of high nutrition for both the kids, adults and the people because of their manganese, vitamin besides many other nutrients. In this agricultural product, one finds the monounsaturated fat and this is good for the cardiac functions of the human being. This dry fruit is an exotic Mediterranean diet. For the healthy heart, this is very important as per the science report about this dry fruit. As per the report of the science journals, the risk of the cardiovascular disease reduces to twenty one percent among the people who eat this dry fruit. Apart from the five nutrients useful for the heart like folate, niacin, vitamin E, manganese and protein, peanuts are also rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the red grapes and the red wine. As per the research, the resveratrol protects the human body from the negative effects of the free radicals. Free radicals are very important factor for the development of the diseases like heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Thus, it is useful for the heart and stroke protection. As per the research, the nuts are very useful for the five groups of nutrients and minerals important for the body like iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium and copper.

Peanuts decrease the risk of gall bladder stones

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A new research is on the worms called regeneration worms. regeneration worms are very small and smart ones. They reproduce by splitting and feeding on dead matter. The dead matter in the human body is mostly made up of grease and other organic compounds these worms find their way into the human body. They then lay eggs in the intestines of the person or in other exposed parts of the anatomy. These eggs then hatch into baby worms.

While thinking about this research, you may feel amazed that so many studies are on the same topic. Yes, people who eat a lot of fast food have higher incidence of fat and obesity. This is because the diet makes people think that it is OK to eat excess fat and worse it makes it possible to accommodate them to a extended period of time.

Did you know that there has been a long tradition of suspend eating in China? In fact, the Chinese people have taken part in the practice of eating lightly. Around 1 week into his term, President Carter commuted the sentence of another President. his last words were: ” advise everybody eat a little less”.

Around this time, Chinese dietary experts have influenced the general diet and overeating has become a large part of the American diet. We Americans eat on average around 600 days of food on the road. We seem to be attracted to the many fast foods, and restaurants. The average stay in a hotel costs $100 a night.

Appearing to be far more appealing than the other Western nations, the Chinese have always had an appreciation for the arts. It has been said that their favorite movie theater is over dinners. When traveling to China, it is common to always see groups of friends and family eating in the cinema theaters and at local restaurants.

The manufacturing and food industries have grown over the years giving China a wide array of available products. Before World War 2, there were just 2 types of crackers in the world. The English were the inventors of crackers and the French were the creators of pickles. By now, there are over 80 varieties of crackers and about 20 new ones are being created every day.

Curry is the most widely eaten food in Asia and China and is a core part of their culture. In Pakistan there are 25 types of curries available. This largely depends on the region and is influenced by the local population. Curry is traditionally eaten with rice. The traditional ingredients for curry are chickpeas, cumin and coriander. This is the reason for the main ingredient in a curry dish a ‘wet’ dish where the wet ingredients are rice and cooked with spices from the subcontinent.

Unless you eat authentic Indian curry, the ingredients used in it can be very dangerous. India has good regulatory bodies which ensure that the products are made with ‘off’ ingredients such as MSG and trans fat. Considerable amounts of MSG and trans fat are usually found in savouries made in India.

If you have the opportunity to eat Indian curry, please take advantage of the opportunity. Enjoy the experience and feel free to leave comments.

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