Breakfast – Do Not Miss It

Breakfast is classed as the most important meal of the day for good reasons. Missing out on breakfast will eventually weaken your stomach and also impair your appetite.

Early in the morning, your stomach is raring for action and your digestive juices are ready for feeding. Always make sure that you eat well with plenty of fruit, natural yoghurt and a bowl of porridge oats for the ultimate healthy breakfast.

person showing blue berries

Missing out on your breakfast will increase the chances of you binge eating later in the day and having too large a dinner because of your low energy levels. You are essentially missing out on the required energy that is needed to get you through the day, and instead you will find yourself consuming extra unnecessary calories through the later part of the day.

Also, going without breakfast will cause your metabolism to slow down, as your body will have no food to get its energy from. Your metabolism will slow down to preserve energy.

Having an irregular daily eating schedule will also lead to loss of muscle, as your body will extract energy from elsewhere in your body in the absence of any food when you arise in the morning.

All good nutritionists will advise you that a high fibre diet is a great way of keeping off any excess weight, and your daily breakfast gives you a good way to increase your daily fibre intake. Always opt for high fibre cereals, or some wholemeal toast, or even any type of seeded bread that is available on the market nowadays.

It all comes down to creating a routine that you must follow religiously every morning when you get up, making sure that you leave yourself time for preparing a healthy breakfast, and giving you enough time to ensure that you are not caught short on what you are able to eat in the morning before walking out of the door.

As Human beings, we are always looking for the fountain of youth and many of us will turn to several weight loss programs and fad diets in order to achieve this.

Unfortunately, constantly changing your diet day in and day out will only lead to sacrificing quality food and in the process you could very well run into nutritional bottlenecks.

As students we have been taught all manner of diets, most of which we have come to accept as the norm. However, at every level of education we have been shown that there is only one true way to eat a healthier meal, and this is to eat breakfast.

Research has shown that eating breakfast helps children function better in school and in play. They become more participative and inquisitive.

Eating a good breakfast provides the carbohydrates needed for brain function by restoring concentration as well as memory glucose levels and benefitting mood and stress levels.

The benefits of this truly stack up and no matter what you are told by many people with degrees of education from different corners of the globe, you will be able to point to one resource that will be able to provide you with a concrete plan that will get you going on the path to eating a healthier breakfast.

First, you may want to think about ones lunch and breakfast too depending on what school you attend. I mean, after all, schools are designed to feed kids; who is going to force their kids to eat a healthy breakfast? Maybe, if they have a breakfast too!

Any of these points combined will probably enable you to see how a good breakfast can open up opportunities to decrease your overall caloric intake by reminding you of all the nutrients and vitamins you are currently unaware of!


Plan a Vegetarian Breakfast

If you are going to have vegetarian breakfasts, this is a good time to have the party. However, before you get everyone fed, make sure that you have a plan for the evening.

Arate lunches for vegetarians

What simplest way is there to separate vegetarian foods from the meat ones? Think about it, how many people greet their Sunday with a veggie sandwich? And how many people greet their Monday with a turkey sandwich? 21 people in one day? Surely, just thinking about it makes me want to order the veggie.

Ordering separate lunches does not have to be that hard. Just ask for separate sides, and plan the ingredients according to your families’ tastes. Everyone will be happy that you did just that!

separate ingredients for meat and vegetarian

Here, once again, is a case of separating the ingredients to make sure that you are giving both enough consideration to their feelings.

This is very important if you are worried about someone suffering from gluten intolerance. Consider what other foods will be able to help them achieve a fast meal at the dining table.

Including simple things among other things

Remember, doing things differently is not that hard to do. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and you will be able to find different ways to add a little bit of distinction to today’s dinners.

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